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Compare Sept 2018 & 2017 Stats

 Have we seen a change in the market when we compare it with last year?  Take a look at the following statistics, furnished by NWMLS. Total active listings King County: (2018) 6857 - (2017) 3693.  Change +78% Total active lis...
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3rd Quarter Housing Market Statistics

Does the market seem to be changing?  The answer is yes. Why? You may ask.  Interest rates:   30 year loans have increased from 3.95% on Jan 4th to 4.72% on Sept 27, 2018. (Freddiemac).  What does this change mean?  Let's look at a 30 year loan on a $450,000 mortgage:  Principal and interest at 3.95% is $2135 per month, at 4.72% it's $2339.  Accept...
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