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I've been licensed in Washington State since 1984 and Real Estate is my full time business.  I enjoy the opportunity that this industry gives me to work with all types of great people.  Whether you're a first time buyer or an experienced home owner, I can be of assistance.  

If the financial circumstances of the past few years has placed you in an unfavorable situation, I can offer the experience and guidance needed to get the problem solved.  As with most situations, we often think we are the "only ones" affected.  Let me assure you that this is not the case!  I'll put my experience to work for you and show you that solutions are often just around the corner when experienced advice is available.

  • Short Sales
  • Pending Foreclosure
  • Mortgage Modifications
  • Home affordability options

When action is taken quickly, time will become your greatest asset to help insure an acceptable solution for your situation.

I don't make idle promises!  If I can help you'll know it.  If I can't you'll know that to.  In any event you'll get an honest assessment as well as recommendations for what action you need to take.

Give me a call!  I'd love to work with you regardless of your circumstances to achieve a good real estate experience.

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